Pink Chalcedony Bracelet


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Pink Chalcedony is an emotional interpreter that truly embodies the state your physical and emotional body is releasing. It is a power source of life force, love, joy, and regeneration just waiting to be injected into one’s bodily aura. We recommend anyone who is going through pain or suffering to begin meditating and carrying this stone immediately. Become comfortable with this new found energy and begin using this talisman to heal yourself through deep meditation sessions.

When beginning to work with this stone, one’s heart space will immediately be a focus of healing and release. The pink rays of compassion will cloak your entire aura and infuse your most vital organ with love and light. Pink Chalcedony counters the weight of emotional distress one has been carrying with them for far too long. These feelings of past experiences that haunt us need to be faced eventually and Pink Chalcedony provides the strength for that. No more running from yourself or your past. The personal will power you have is unmatched to anyone around you and is capable of propelling you into a higher version of yourself. A version that carries no pain or stress but rather a divine image of yourself that is capable of healing the ones you love.

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