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our journey so far

Our journey began when I put my immense passion for creating spaces and places with high vibrations into action. My love for things carrying universal energy, my creative style, and my spiritual journey have all organically paved their way into the creation of Merakiii Room.

Through my vision of bringing more love and light to this world, my free spirit and bohemian nature, I’ve pursued my love of all things bringing in good energy, nature, earthly, and spirit, for you to tap into in your daily life.

Lots of love, light, and positive vibes.

About Merakiii room

Our founder Hayley (mother of 6 and owner of several businesses in South Australia), understands the importance of slowing down and being “present” in today’s busy world.

Merakiii Room is a place for time to stand still, where you can ground yourself, connect, and receive what you need.

Whether through our lovingly handcrafted pieces, the encompassing energy that is honoured within our space, or the therapies our holistic therapists provide. All is created to share love with you.

Our vision is clear; to spread love and light, and universal energy, love, and spirit make Merakiii Room special.





Our name

Our creator, Hayley, wanted the business’s name to reflect and resonate with what it means to the soul and hold the meaning of the shop at its core.

Realising that the letter M would hold a meaningful element, symbolising rolling hills, much like the earth we occupy, while searching for a word that indicated soul, passion, and love, she found the word Meraki, which is Greek for “to place soul and passion into something you love”.

The word “room” also seemed fitting as it brings feelings of a homely space and reflects the business as a loving and nurturing space for all those entering the shop, either online or in person.

Soon after the name took its rightful place within the business concept, Hayley discovered that her spirit guide and protector was Merakai. Strongly believing that the name and creation of the business has been a joint effort between herself and Merakai, the 3 “I’s” in Merakiii represent the elements of Hayley, the earthly experience, and the spiritual journey that is.

Our soul community

At Merakiii Room, everything you find in-store or on our website is lovingly handcrafted and is designed and created with love, pure intentions, and positive energy.

All our products are vegan, organic, and ethically sourced, and we also offer books and journals to guide you in your spiritual journey. And, before leaving us, we cleanse our products using sound bowls and reiki, so they’re ready to start creating magic and positive vibes for you the moment you receive them.

By becoming a part of our soul community, we’ll give you 10% off your next order with us, and we’ll also let you know when new things are happening at Merakiii Room.

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Welcome to our soul community

Become a part of our soul community, and we’ll give you 10% off your next order with us. We’ll also let you know when new things are happening at Merakiii Room.