Zen Room at Merakiii Room

Our Zen Room here at M.R. is completely attuned to rest, relaxation, balance, zen vibes, namaste, yin yang and a high vibrational frequency to raise your senses whilst suppressing the reality of daily life stresses.

We live in a world where chaos and busyness is the new norm and we are doing very little to slow things down and nurture ourselves. With this constant busyness we have forgotten the importance of self-care and self-love. This can lead to a myriad of issues (insomnia, stress, anxiety, weight issues, headaches, depression and decreased mood to name a few).

We ask that you do the following in honour of your self-love rituals where you are allowing yourself time to give yourself time! This time is paramount to your wellbeing on many levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and psychologically).

Zen Room - Merakiii Room Adelaide

We ask you to do the following right now:

Start by identifying & prioritising the quality of your vibe. If you can recognise you need this regular time out our zen room is created just for you.

Our Zen Room experience is a place to sit and be still. To expand your heart, nourish your soul, feed your spirit, meditate your mind, follow your bliss, practice gratitude and trust in that process of taking care of you.

We all need moments of stillness, quietness and immense silence in order to loosen the knots of the busyness we have created in our lives. Sometimes self-care is all about disappearing on a regular basis to honour you and time that is needed for you and your spirit.

Add to your to do list: 30 minutes of Zen time in your schedule this week. We serve a beautiful range of teas and coffee to allow you to enjoy in the experience. We have books, magazines and key reading material to enhance your relaxation time.

Open Monday – Saturday 10-4pm ✨✨✨✨

Zen Room - Merakiii Room Adelaide