Walkthrough Shopping Experience

Upon entering MR you will instantly notice the high vibrational energy that will capture your senses the moment you step inside.

You will see you can collect a boho sea grass basket at the entrance to assist & aid you with your shopping & browsing. These baskets can be purchased at checkout for $5 with $2 of the proceeds going towards our SA based charity (Back Pack for Kids).

We invite you to peruse all our gorgeous products, treasures, trinkets, crystals, candles, lamps, bohemian decor & oils … from here we would like to offer you a refreshment or tea/coffee in our Zen Room, specially designed and created to take you away from your daily stresses and pressures, instead to simply sit for a moment and tune out of the present time and embody the energies lovingly created in this sacred space.

To extend your experience further you may wish to experience a meditative session of colour light therapy to re-energise your energy centres and recharge.

We want your experience with us to be relaxing and stimulating at the same time … we hope you can then understand and recognise the importance of taking time for yourself.

You are welcome to book appointments with our energy healers and practitioners who focus on internal and external health, healing and wellness as further therapies to explore if you wish.

Walkthrough Shopping Experience - Merakiii Room

Kids Corner at Merakiii Room

Equipped with a Tee Pee & a few kidlet treasures … books, colouring-in and of course lucky dips for girls and boys to keep the little ones amused whilst Mummy and Daddy can enjoy the shopping experience too.