About Merakiii Room

It is through the universal energy, love & spirit that makes MR the special little business it is.

Whether it be through our hand crafted pieces (sourced from all over the world or at home here in Australia), or the encompassing energy that is honoured within our space, or the therapies provided by our holistic therapists … all is created to share this love … just for you.

The founder Hayley (mother of 6 & owner of several businesses in South Australia) understands the importance of slowing down and being “present” in today’s busy world. MR is a place for time to stand still, so we can ground ourselves, connect and receive what we need.

MR has and will capture the love & light that exists in us all, if only we take a minute to stop and lean into it & recognise its presence.

The vision is clear: to spread love and light.

MR xx

About Merakiii Room
Hayley - Merakiii Room Adelaide

Our story

The journey for MR all began when our creator Hayley put into action her immense passion for creating spaces & places with high vibrations.

Her love for things carrying bohemian energy, her creative style & flare & her personal spiritual journey has organically paved its way into the creation of MR.

Mother of 5 & with a vision of bringing more love & light to this world, her free spirit & gypsy nature has pursued her love of all things bringing in good energy (nature, earthly & spirit) for us all to tap into, every day in our daily lives.